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GS1 (EAN / UPC) Registration Form Request (India Only)
Register with GS1 India and supply to WALMART, RELIANCE RETAIL, Future Groups like PANTALOON RETAIL or any other retailer across the globe.

      The EAN.UCC system enables unique and universal identification of products, services, processes and locations from their point of manufacture to their point of sale. It is product independent and based on open standards. Companies from a wide range of industries can benefit from the EAN.UCC system including retail, healthcare, packaging, transport, public procurement and defense, processed foods, computers, apparel, leather, spices, electronic components, steel, etc..
      Companies desiring to cut down their supply chain cost through optimal stock levels, faster consignment movements, effective track and trace of goods/services and faster product replenishment cycles can hope to gain substantially through use of EAN.UCC barcode system.
      Organisations which have undertaken Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and rolled out ERP solutions within, would find it very useful to incorporate EAN / UPC numbers for identification of material in Work-in-Progress(WIP), stores, raw material management. Since major ERP packages are EAN enabled, companies moving over to electronic business transactions using EDI can use the EANCOM standards (sub-set of UN/EDIFACT) as messaging standards and the EAN.UCC system for unique identification of goods/services and for unique identification of sender /recipient of EDI messages between trading partners.
      Retailers in particular can benefit through unambiguous identification of their merchandise for faster customer check-outs at point of sale counter, effective stock control and order replenishment, etc. because of the use of barcodes.

      Fill the form besides and get registered with GS1 (EAN / UPC)

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