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The Code 39 - Full ASCII (pronounced "ASK EE") symbology is similar to Code 39 - Regular. To successfully print and read Code 39 - Full ASCII, the bar code object on the label format file must have "Code 39 - Full ASCII" selected as the symbology to print. In addition, the bar code reader being used to scan the bar codes must be configured to perform Full ASCII character translations.

Character Set
Both the Code 39 - Regular and the Code 39 - Full ASCII bar code symbologies contain the same 43 character set, as well as the same start and stop characters. However, Code 39 - Full ASCII uses special two-character combinations from the 43 character set to allow for the representation of all 128 ASCII characters. In other words, you can encode any of the standard (not the extended) characters from the computer's keyboard into a bar code, as well as the ASCII control characters.

Let's take a look at printing lowercase letters. No lowercase letters are native to the Code 39 character set, only capital letters. Therefore, when printing Code 39 - Full ASCII, lowercase letters are represented by generating the bar code symbol for a plus sign (+), followed immediately by the bar code symbol for the uppercase version of the letter. So, to print the letter "a", you would actually print a bar code containing "+A". Now, suppose we scan the bar coded Code 39 - Full ASCII "a" that we printed as described in the previous paragraph. In Full ASCII mode, the bar code reader would decode the plus sign, and then, rather than transmitting it, would look at the next bar code character symbol (in this case a capital "A") and perform a Full ASCII conversion. The bar code reader would then transmit just the lowercase "a".

If the bar code reader had Full ASCII translation disabled, no translation would be performed and the actual characters "+" and "A" would be transmitted.

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